Why Cloud Computing is Today’s Standard

These days, it seems that everything is
migrating to the cloud. This approach has a lot of benefits, especially for the
businesses that use these solutions on a regular basis. Let’s explore a few
reasons why cloud computing has proven to be so beneficial.

Understanding How Business
Computing Has Changed

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted
to watch a movie, you needed an actual physical copy of that movie in your
possession at the time. However, with the assorted streaming services available
to us today for a monthly fee, all we have to do is find and access the movie
we want to watch. The same can be said of television series - if there’s a
particular episode you want to watch, doing so on demand has never been easier.

This “Netflix Model” runs parallel to how
business software has been delivered. Like was once the case of a movie, there
was once no other option than to purchase a license for a particular software
solution for each user that required it. The same could be said of many other
business requirements - if it was needed, it needed to be purchased outright.

Today, acquiring solutions for a business is
more similar to the Netflix approach than it is going to a video store to pick
up a copy of what you want.

Why Cloud Computing is Now the

As you might imagine, there are quite a few
reasons that companies like Adobe and Microsoft now offer their software titles
via the cloud, rather than selling their customers installation codes or discs.
As cloud titles, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 offer their
users a few key benefits over the traditional method of software acquisition…
while enjoying a few key benefits themselves at the same time.

Reduced Piracy

By its nature, cloud-hosted software greatly
reduces the chance of software piracy, as the solution remains protected by the
developer, accessed by approved users. Naturally, other developers like this
idea, and are therefore motivated to offer their titles in this way as well.

Reduced Requirements for

A business that leverages a cloud solution
will find that these solutions can help diminish their need of on-site
infrastructure. Take, for instance, the email solution that comes with
Microsoft Office. Once, businesses would need to invest in and maintain the
equipment to host their email. Now, thanks to cloud solutions, this large
financial expense can be eliminated.

Reduced User Restrictions

I’m sure you’ve been in this position before:
you have the time to get something accomplished, but because you lack the
resources to do so in the moment, the opportunity is wasted. Many cloud-based
solutions can help eliminate the likelihood of this situation by allowing a
user to leverage more than one device. Adobe allows their Creative Cloud users
to boost their operational flexibility by utilizing two devices.

Reduced Financial Toll

While a user once needed to commit a large,
lump expense in order to procure a software title, cloud computing’s delivery
has shifted the way things are done. Now, with solutions delivered based on a
regular service fee, businesses can adjust their budgets to more fluidly
incorporate an operating expense, as compared to a significant, one-time
charge. In this way, it makes it generally cheaper for businesses to
incorporate software titles into their workflows. Which sounds better to you…
$3000, up front, for one version of a software title, or a monthly fee of $25
for the latest version of that title, with updates managed by the provider?

Is the Cloud Right for Your

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