What VoIP Solution Is Right For You?

The cloud has made so many services accessible
that it can be difficult to isolate one in particular your organization can
benefit from. Nonetheless, we’ve tried to narrow it down a bit, and it’s clear
that Voice over Internet Protocol is a solution that all businesses can benefit
from for one specific reason. Let’s dig in to why VoIP is such a great tool to
use in the cloud, particularly in regard to the argument of hosted vs on-site

What VoIP does for businesses in need of
comprehensive communication is to provide them 
with an affordable telephone option. While there wasn’t much you could
do about this not too long ago, you have more options at your disposal now than
ever before. Telephone companies once had a monopoly on this aspect of
communication, but nowadays, VoIP providers can fulfill the same role using a
service that you already pay for: your Internet connection.

A VoIP solution works by sending data packets
through the Internet and unpacking them as they arrive at their destination.
Businesses have moved in this direction because it allows them to effectively
manage their telephone systems in a more efficient manner, reducing the
overhead cost of such a solution.

VoIP can eventually create a virtual call
center for your business. This means that you don’t have to host a standalone
server in your office, instead opting to host your VoIP solution in the cloud
for access through a web browser or corresponding software application.

Before investing in a VoIP system, you’ll
first need to determine what kind of control you anticipate you’ll need for
your business. If you enjoy having a high level of customization in settings
and configurations, you can host your own VoIP system on-site. If you don’t
want this responsibility (and there’s nothing wrong with that), you can instead
pay a little extra a month to host your VoIP on someone else’s infrastructure
in the cloud.

VoIP can give your business the opportunity to
cut capital costs from your infrastructure including buying, hosting, and
maintaining any on-site servers needed for such a service. The provider will
handle any costs related to maintenance, thus ensuring the reliability of the
system. This provides your business with more opportunities to be productive.

A lack of consistent communication is something that can be a considerable issue for your organization, so it should be avoided as much as possible. Emerge’s managed VoIP solution could be just what you’re looking for. To learn more about how to design, implement, and manage a VoIP system, reach out to us at 859-746-1030.