Tip of the Week: How to Keep Your Facebook Clean

Facebook has become a highly effective
networking tool in both our professional and personal lives. As I’m sure I
don’t need to tell you, a business page on Facebook can bring a lot of
attention to your company. Unfortunately, if someone were to use the wrong kind
of language on your page, this attention likely wouldn’t be the kind you want
your business to get. For this week’s tip, we’ll go over how you can get rid of
this kind of content to protect your business’ reputation.

As we proceed, it should be noted that these
steps will require you to have administrative control over a Page on Facebook.
As such, you will have a few options to exercise.

Use the Profanity Filter

The Profanity Filter is more or less what it
sounds like… Facebook has used feedback by its users to create tiered lists of
words and phrases deemed offensive, enabling you to block these words and
phrases from appearing on a Page you run. This can help you to keep your
business’ Page looking appropriately professional.

From your business’ Page, access Settings. In General, you will find the Profanity
option. There are three available settings, Off, Medium and Strong, to filter through these
offensive terms. Once you have selected your preferred filter strength, make
sure you save your changes.

This effectively signals to Facebook that you
don’t want words or phrases that have been democratically deemed offensive to
show up on your page. As a result, any comments or posts using such language
are prevented from successfully posting.

Blocking Specific Words

Of course, not everything that is offensive
will necessarily be stopped by the filter. This is where the ability Facebook
grants you to block particular words on your Page comes particularly in handy.
Let’s run through this process, using a word that many vocally find despicable:

From your Page, access the Settings, much like we did before. This
time, under General, we want to
access Page Moderation. There, you
can input words that you don’t want to have on your page, each separated by a

Don’t forget, you will need to input all forms
of your word in order for them all to be blocked. So, to block moist, you will also need to input moistest, moisten, moisting, and moisted.

While this will be an ongoing process, using
these tools will help you keep your Facebook presence up to your personal

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