Tip of the Week: 4 Gmail-Connected Apps

Gmail is a widely used email client for both
individuals and businesses, and as such, it’s a valuable tool that helps them
get the most out of the workday. Gmail provides an incredible amount of space
to store, archive, and sync messages with other email providers, but the
biggest draw by far is its third-party integration tools. Today we’ll take a
look at four of the best Gmail integrations that your organization can take
advantage of.

Integration #1 - Trello for Gmail

Trello is one of the best Gmail extensions, as
it helps people stay on task with their Gmail inbox. This software gives users
the ability to share files and links with their team, create task lists, and
assign expectations or due dates to these tasks. In a way, Trello centralizes
Gmail as your organization’s go-to task management tool.

Learn more about Trello for Gmail here.

Integration #2 - DocuSign for

DocuSign gives your organization the ability
to digitally sign a PDF document through Gmail. DocuSign is the leader in
eSignature, giving organizations a fast and secure way to sign documents
through Gmail. You can forgo annoying tasks like scanning, printing, or mailing
contracts or other documents. DocuSign is used in 188 countries, further
proving that it’s a great tool for businesses of all kinds.

more about DocuSign for Gmail here.

Integration #3 - Wrike for Gmail

Having project managers who know what they’re
doing and how to manage a project is critical, and thanks to Wrike, you can
make it easier to integrate project management into Gmail. You can write out
tasks with emails, as well as view and edit those tasks. Furthermore, you can
also collaborate with your team, all through your Gmail solution.

Learn more about Wrike for Gmail here.

Integration #4 - Boomerang for

Unlike the previously mentioned solutions,
which give the opportunity to use separate features in your Gmail, Boomerang is
specifically meant to help users more easily manage their email. Users can set
a time to send emails, remind them if they don’t hear back from someone
regarding a message, and help them follow up with everyone they communicate

Learn more about Boomerang for Gmail here.

Perhaps with the use of these integrations,
your organization can get maximum productivity and efficiency with your
business’ Gmail solutions.

Does your business use Gmail? If so, how do
you use it, and do you have any software integrated with it? Let us know in the
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