The Crucial Importance of Real-Time Equipment Status

Data and advanced analytics are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. The benefits of real-time data are vast. You might even say that data has become more valuable than oil or cash!


Would you like to know the actual utilization of your assets? From people to forklifts, you’ll find out exactly what’s happening on your factory floor. 


Real-Time Improvement 


When manufacturers utilize real-time monitoring, they are tapping into a data stream that can fuel an entire set of new strategies and also upend old ones. If you want to improve your business, integrating real-time monitoring will turn your data into actionable insights that not only saves time on the factory floor but also saves money. 


Supply Chain Tango


As a manufacturer, you undoubtedly balance various levels of inventory across multiple product lines. To reduce the order-to-fulfillment cycle time, you should consider implementing real-time monitoring.


Achieve excellence as a supplier by streamlining inventory efficiency and reconciliation. With real-time monitoring, you’ll be able to accurately track process times from production to downtime. 


Machine Tracking


Real-time monitoring is essential for tracking machine utilization. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your downtime reporting, scrap, and more. This makes real-time data an essential aspect of your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) strategy. 


When prompted, many manufacturers will cite real-time monitoring and data as their most appreciated and valuable result of a connected factory and IoT. 


Asset Tracking


The process of tracking a physical asset such as a piece of equipment or an employee is what is known as ‘asset tracking’. The idea is that you’ll save on costs by knowing the actual usage and productivity of the asset. This allows you to also optimize current processes and roles. 


Tracking your assets is made much easier with IoT. By combining software and hardware that generates real-time data on a screen, you’ll have a constantly available broad or microscopic view of your processes. 


Closing the Gaps 


Many variables can slow down processes on a factory floor. Whether it’s part rejects, changeover, or inventory reconciliation. It becomes critical to streamlining these processes. 


Real-time monitoring is the answer to many of the dilemmas a manufacturer faces today. If you’re looking to improve your business, it’s time to adopt RFID and IoT technologies… it’s time to put intelligent data to work for you. 


Easy to Audit


If you’re curious about how your new team member or piece of equipment is performing, the information will be at your fingertips in a rich and user-friendly format. Ditch the spreadsheets and start visually seeing who is slacking and where production could be optimized. 


Was the new welder machine worth it? You’ll know, on-demand, how your new machines affect the bottom-line. 

If you’re looking to transition into Industry 4.0 with real-time data and asset tracking, the industrial automation experts at Emerge IT will help you step-by-step. 


Partner with Emerge IT for less downtime and more opportunities, we’ll be your single-source for professional expertise.