A lot of good can be accomplished by making a
change to your business’ technology. On the other hand, if you don’t properly
implement technology it can be a devastating blow to your business; and, not in
the way you may think. With today’s employees getting more and more computer
savvy, if you don’t feature the right technology, it could be a reason that
your employees leave your company.

It is costly to continuously find and train
new employees. In fact, multiple sources suggest that each new employee will
cost any business in the neighborhood of $4,000 (and 40-to-50 days) to get them
up to speed. Other sources suggest it is as much as 60 percent of the
position’s salary. That’s a lot of scratch. With that much money being invested
in finding, onboarding, and training new hires, retaining your company’s talent
is important.

the Technology to Fit the Workspace

Depending on what kind of business you run,
you may be able to offer a more mobile work experience. The open office, a
much-debated feature of many modern companies, requires the business to have a
strong and reliable wireless network. Since the open office promotes a more
collaborative workspace, providing your team with tablets or laptops is a great
way to set them up for success and productivity.

Make It
Easy for Employees to Use their Devices

Another strategy you’ll want to promote is
that of allowing your staff to utilize their own devices. People are most
comfortable using devices they use day-in and day-out, so having a sound Bring
Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy is important. In order to accomplish this, you
will want a strong mobile device management platform in place that will allow
you to set the parameters of employee device access to your business’ network.

Maintain Technology Systems

There is nothing that frustrates workers more
than having problems with their technology at work, especially since many
business’ depend on line-of-business software to efficiently manage business
tasks. If an employee has to deal with a company-issued workstation or mobile
device that is slow or not compatible with some of the most important software
they need to do their jobs properly, there is a good chance that employee won’t
be as satisfied as one that has both seamless access to information and
properly maintained hardware at their disposal. Be sure to have a management
and maintenance strategy in place that will proactively help you keep your
employees’ technology working as intended.

Emerge can provide you with a lot of great value for designing and deploying technology that keeps your workers productive and happy. Our professional technicians have years of experience managing and maintaining all types of business technology, so you can focus on your business, not managing your technology. Call us at 859-746-1030 to learn more.