Remote Meeting Best Practices and Troubleshooting

With the surge of new-to-remote workers, Cisco released the WebEx platform for free (see the link along with other free resources HERE).

Here are a few tips to get the best meeting experience with WebEx in any situation.

Disconnect from your VPN

Your employer may have provided you with a VPN (virtual private network) service that allows you to use the company network while working remotely. You can use Webex Meetings outside of VPN for the best experience.

Choose audio over video

Webex will suggest or automatically lower your resolution and may eventually turn off your video to adapt to your network quality. You can also do this at any time. Learn more at

Build in breaks

You can get a faster join experience by joining 5 minutes early or even better yet - schedule meetings on the 15th or 45th minute of the hour.

Switch to call-in audio

If your internet audio and video experience or call me/call back does not work, you can keep collaborating. Call in using the dial-in numbers in your meeting invitation to join via your cell phone or landline. If the primary phone number that is provided is temporarily unavailable, the invite includes a long list of other global call-in numbers you can try. Learn more at

More tips are available in our best practices guide at

For IT Administrator and end user guides, please visit

Still having remote connectivity problems with WebEx? With the surge of remote workers utilizing the platform, Cisco'c WebEx (along with other platforms like Zoom) are seeing the impact in performance.

For the latest in WebEx status information, Cisco has launched a reference page citing current open incidents with:

  • WebEx Meetings
  • WebEx Teams
  • WebEx Control Hub
  • WebEx Cloud Registered Device
  • WebEx Calling (Spark Call)
  • WebEx Messenger 

See the entire resource HERE.

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