With so much on the line for businesses that
deal with sensitive information, security needs to be considered a top
priority. Unfortunately, one solution that works for every threat out there
doesn’t exist. The right combination of enterprise-level security solutions can
help your business secure its important data.

These solutions include a unified threat
management tool, a Bring Your Own Device policy, and a virtual private network

Unified Threat Management

A unified threat management, or UTM, solution
provides comprehensive network security through the use of several IT
solutions. It includes the following:

  • Firewall: A firewall examines the data that
    flows in and out of your network, looking for threats and actively keeping them
    out of your infrastructure.
  • Antivirus: If a threat manages to slip past
    your defenses, you will need to react accordingly. Antivirus solutions allow
    you to address any issues that do manage to get past your first line of
  • Spam blocker: Email provides hackers with a
    direct line of attack to your business, with spam and phishing attacks being
    some of the most dangerous ones. A spam blocker can keep your organization from
    dealing with most dangerous messages, and when you don’t have to waste time
    with these messages, you can instead spend it being productive.
  • Content filter: Your employees might be
    accessing dangerous or time-wasting websites. A content filter can help you
    make sure this is kept to a minimum.

With all of these solutions combined into one,
you can enable much greater network security for your business.

Bring Your Own Device

If your business’ employees have mobile
devices that they use for work purposes, they could act as a bridge between
hackers and your network. We recommend that all businesses that find themselves
in this situation implement a BYOD policy. This policy should place limits on
what employees can and can’t do with their mobile devices. A proper BYOD policy
should also have measures in place that can whitelist or blacklist apps based
on security, as well as the ability to remotely wipe devices that have been
lost or stolen.

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network, or VPN, provides a
secure method of connecting to data while out of the office. This is especially
important for employees that do a lot of traveling, as they will need this
encrypted network to keep sensitive data safe while out of the office. This
keeps data from being stolen while it’s in transit, when it’s most vulnerable.

Emerge can equip your business with all the security solutions you need to keep your data as safe as possible. To learn more, reach out to us at 859-746-1030.