Every business has their version of risk
management. Nowadays, with all the technology organizations use for
productivity, collaboration, and communications, managing risk can often be
difficult. There are numerous threats that come from the Internet that could
put a damper on productivity, create inefficiencies, or shut down production
entirely. Regardless of how large or small your business is, you need to
prioritize the security of your computing network.

Let’s Start With the Worst

If you are interested in mitigating the risk
that unauthorized access to your network can cause, you need to consider the
worst-case scenario. The worst thing that can happen to any organization is to
have their network breached and have their clients’ and employees' personal and
financial information stolen. This is on par with a fire ripping through your
workplace or being caught up in a hurricane or tornado. It’s a slower death;
and, with all the tools at your disposal today, it’s largely unforgivable,
especially for the small business.

Not only would you have to deal with the
malware or attack that compromised this information, but you would also have to
explain to your clients and employees that their personal, financial, and often
medical data has been exposed. There is nothing that can deflate a company
quite as fast as a data breach. You lose credibility, lose revenue, and soon,
have to scale your business back just to stay alive. Then you are the company
who laid off their workforce, further souring your reputation to potential
talent. The slippery slope could all be avoided by instituting a comprehensive
network security strategy, that includes software protection and training.

What Needs to Happen to Avoid

A comprehensive network security strategy
locks away the sensitive information behind stronger security solutions, like
an enterprise firewall, making it harder to access if some unwanted entity does
find its way onto your network.

Additionally, you need to ensure that each
member that has access to your company's network has had threat awareness
training. Teaching them about the threats that come from letting unauthorized
actors onto your business’ network, can go a long way toward helping you avoid
negative situations.

We get how tough it can be on a business to invest in their network’s security, but with all the threats out there today, you have no choice. If you would like to talk to one of our knowledgeable technicians about how to implement network security that is right for your organization, call Emerge today at 859-746-1030.