Basic Methods to Keep Your Phone Secure

Mobile devices have become a staple in
contemporary life, with more business uses added regularly. Unfortunately, this
makes them a more enticing target for cybercriminals to go after. To help you
keep your phone secure, we’ve assembled a brief list of best practices for you
and the rest of your company to follow.

Keep Your Phone with You in

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, unless you
want to have your phone stolen. You should never leave your phone unattended in
a public place. Not only could your own data be put at risk, but if you’ve
accessed company documents via a Bring Your Own Device policy, who knows what
the person who took your device might find before your device is remotely
wiped? Besides, phones are by no means cheap, so it isn’t something you want to
lose anyway.

Keep Your Credentials Safe

Most phones today offer to store things like
passwords, PINs, and payment card details in order to make things more
convenient for the user. However, this holds true if the user isn’t actually
you, but is a cybercriminal who has stolen the device. It is better to simply
not store these kinds of credentials in your phone, but if you absolutely must,
only use a secure application to do so. If you aren’t sure which ones are
secure, we can steer you in the right direction.

Use Networks Wisely

While Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are extremely useful
means of connecting to the Internet and the peripherals you are trying to
leverage, doing so without being mindful of your security is a dangerous
prospect. Unprotected and unsecured networks can open your device to threats
(along with any data stored on it). Do your best to avoid connecting to unknown
networks and signals to keep from leaving your phone vulnerable to threats.

Regularly Remove Data from Your

Your phone has a pretty good memory (so to
speak) which means that it will retain a lot of data. Whether it’s your
autocomplete feature keeping a record of personal data you have typed, or your
browsing history providing an in-depth summary of your use of your phone,
hackers and cybercriminals find precisely this kind of information to be
valuable to them. Clearing this data reduces the information that a hacker
could potentially access.

When it comes to protecting your data - both business and personal - you need to consider all the ways that it is vulnerable to hackers. Emerge can help you do so. To learn more, reach out to us at 859-746-1030.