10 Signs You're Ready to Move to the Cloud

Everyone is talking about digital transformations and the cloud, but how do you know you're ready or if you even should? 


Here are ten signs that your company is ready and will benefit from making the move. While amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not have the luxury to decide when or if it's time for the cloud. So, let’s jump right in! 

10 Signs You’re Ready to Move to the Cloud


Overhauling your infrastructure from on-site storage and processes to remote access and cloud can be daunting. Right now, the benefits are obvious --- stay open for business! However, many businesses have chosen to migrate to the cloud long before a COVID-19 ultimatum. The benefits will outlast the pandemic and improve workflows, efficiency, and reduce expenses when you return to business as usual or office life.


So, were you ready to move to the cloud or are you ready now? Every industry is different and the answer is unique for each company. Let’s start by checking off the list found in our free “Cloud Adoption eBook” to better assess your company’s current state.


  1. Your network is becoming outdated and you’re approaching a major server refresh or upgrade.
  2. You’ve been putting off purchasing another expensive server(s) because your outdated software will no longer be compatible.
  3. You’re aware that your current servers are underutilized and costly to maintain and keep secure. Not to mention overheating themselves and your office space.
  4. You’ve experienced data loss or viruses due to manual maintenance processes and a lack of reliable and automated backup systems.
  5. Your internal IT staff is too busy or non-existent.
  6. You anticipate business growth and will need affordable storage expansion on demand.
  7. You’re increasing the number of remote workers or "road warriors" who need easy access to critical business files from home offices and remote locations while traveling.
  8. Your network in its current state may not comply with industry security standards.
  9. You recognize the value IT provides and the financial benefit of shifting IT costs from a capital expense to operational expense.
  10. You understand the competitive advantage of adopting the latest technologies to meet the demands of clients, prospects, and partners.


Don’t Go IT Alone


Still unsure if you’re ready? Let our cloud migration experts help ease your transition. We’re offering free resources such as access to Cisco WebEx for team collaboration with advanced compliance and security. Also, don’t miss our upcoming Cloud and Collaboration Q&A Webinar on May 21 at 11:30 am EST.